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case studies

The VAB, which champions the power of premium video, had the opportunity to get in front of 2500+ top CMO's and agency executives at the ANA Masters of Marketing Conference. They were producing a state-of-the-art video player to showcase case studies and turned to brandthis to help optimize its impact.  

brandthis knew that the messaging had to be disruptive and immediately grab the attendees' attention. We created a look that was bold and extremely contemporary. The copy was written to be provocative and surprising with the goal of both inciting the audience's competitive spirit and having them question their current practices.

Feedback from the conference confirmed that the video player was a huge success.

The Partnership Fund for New York City, which teams business leaders with entrepreneurs to spur job creation and economic growth, brought brandthis is to revamp all of its branding and marketing communications. brandthis recommended that as part of the endeavor they contemporize their logo and communicate their mission. brandthis went back to the fund’s original communications and found ‘a private fund with a civic mission’ which we contemporized along with a redesign of the current logo.

Mount Sinai had made a major investment in a group of doctors performing laparoscopic bariatric surgery on morbidly obese patients; however, there was a recognized need to increase awareness of and drive traffic to the program which faced significant competition in the New York market. Whereas competitors were promoting themselves based on success rates and using complex medical terminology, brandthis proposed that the Mt. Sinai group let some satisfied customers tell their stories, a strategy which led to unprecedented scheduled surgeries and a front-page article in the New York Times.