brandthis builds bridges between brands and their audiences. We partner with companies and individuals to define, grow and monetize their greatest asset through brand strategy and the creation of effective multiplaltform content.

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Who we are

Karen Ticktin is Chief Bridge Builder at brandthis. She honed her creative and strategic skills as both the client and agency partner and has worked in both the not for profit and for profit sectors. Karen spent the early part of her career at Showtime Cable TV where she spearheaded the network’s branding and the organization’s Integrated Marketing efforts. Over the course of her career, Karen has planned and managed budgets ranging from $500k to $40mm, led staffs of up to 35, and won awards for marketing excellence. She is known for her ability to quickly translate strategy and complex information into content that is user-friendly and just plain works.  

At the end of the day though, Karen is a bridge builder—building bridges between people, strategy and creative, facts and stories, brands and their audiences.  Karen loves crossword puzzles and much prefers hard covered books. 

What we do

brandthis delivers brand strategy and content that resonates and motivates audiences across all platforms.  We partner on a wide range of projects from corporate initiatives to small business solutions to personal branding.  

We help craft strong and vibrant brands - brands that outperform the competition, garner loyalty, drive revenue, and deliver value for shareholders, clients, customers, and employers alike. Our bias is the end user and our philosophy is one of pull vs. push. We know that people respond to stories vs. facts and dig to uncover your brand’s core truth and best self.  

We pride ourselves on working smart and fast and are known for our ability to transform the complex into user-friendly and impactful content from a LinkedIn Profile to a brochure to a corporate website.

About us